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  • 1.  Super excited to start New Chapter in SCCM and in Tele Critical Care Medicine

    Posted 02-15-2024 11:03

    Thank you Sonia for starting the thread!!!. This is in fact a trailblazing enterprise. We are the First New Section from inception of SCCM and we offer incredible value proposition for future members. PLEASE JOIN!!! YOU can be pat of something new and exciting while impacting future of medicine. 

    My name is Krzysztof "Kris" Laudanski, MD, Ph.D., I am Professor in the Department of Anesthesiology and Perioperative Care at the Mayo Clinic. My research interests focus on regulating DNA expression in survivors after critical care illnesses, healthcare operations/medical decision-making processes, and healthcare innovation (telemedicine, artificial intelligence, nanotechnology). My NIH-funded research investigated abnormalities in gene regulation after critical illness insult. I founded a start-up, Qbimm Diagnostic, a company oriented at diagnosing immune disorders using nanotechnology. I was instrumental in building and developing a telemedicine system at the University of Pennsylvania. I continue my journey at the Mayo Clinic.

    I have held several positions at SCCM, including Chair of the In-Training Committee,  Member of the Discovey Oversight Committee, Chair of the tele-CCM Committee and its Research subsection. In the latter role, I was instrumental in funding the Telecritical Care Medicine Section. Since my research showed that suboptimal decision-making processes might expose patients to unnecessary risks and have negative economic consequences for hospital systems, I suggested, developed, and implemented artificial algorithms in critical care settings integrating AI with wearable biosensors and predictive diagnostics. Opening this Section is another chapter of making a difference in medicine so please join in this effort.

    Another area of interest frequently pursued by me is adjusting healthcare operations and delivery based on availability, cultural specificity, and local demands. I am a committed mentor, with several of my mentees attaining positions in academia (Stanford, Yale) and private companies (Merck) or being awarded prestigious scholarships (NSF). I see my role as helping members with developing the ideas and bringing new value to SCCM and to their professional career.  This is team effort so join our team!!!

    Krzysztof Laudanski
    Department of Anesthesiology & Critical Care
    Physician Lead for Quality and Implementation Penn eLert
    Mayo Clinic
    Rochester MN

  • 2.  RE: Super excited to start New Chapter in SCCM and in Tele Critical Care Medicine

    Posted 02-26-2024 17:14

    Hello all 

    I would say Krzy Laudanski is my friend, mentor or an inspiration depending on the day. 

    I am Venu Velagapudi (Venu for short) board certified in critical care medicine and nephrology, and finishing an MBA from UMass Amherst is May 24. 

    I completed my Critical care fellowship from Mayo clinic, Nephrology fellowship from UMass, followed by a faculty position at Yale and currently work at Emory, 

    I explored at few topics along the way; a testamur of CCeXAM, ASCeXAM, ASH Hypertension specialist, MS Power BI certification, Tiny ML and currently working on Epic physician builder program.  My research interests are in the domains of Critical Care Nephrology, Tele-ICU, POCUS and clinical Informatics, focusing on hyperkalemia outcomes, Electrocardiographic models, algorithms in hyperkalemia, ICU strain, Electronic Signatures for Emergent Intubations and Sepsis cardiomyopathy.  

    I am sure it will be great learning experience for me in the new chapter. 

    Venu M. Velagapudi

    Venu Velagapudi MD
    Mayo Foundation
    New Haven CT