Specialty Sections

Anesthesiology Section  

The Anesthesiology Section is a diverse group of professionals whose mission is to provide preeminent leadership and collaboration with all members of the critical care team in critical care practice education and research.

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Clinical Pharmacy and Pharmacology Section  

Fostered by the Society of Critical Care Medicine, the Clinical Pharmacy and Pharmacology (CPP) Section exists to further the education and promote the interest of Society members who have special interest and maintain activity in clinical pharmacy and pharmacology.

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Emergency Medicine Section  

The Emergency Medicine Section of the Society of Critical Care Medicine promotes the interest of emergency medicine in the critical care field. The Section encourages collaboration, education and research activities.

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Industry and Technology Section  

The Industry and Technology Section envisions a network of critical care business and medicine representatives working to educate each other in their respective disciplines and to provide a platform for technology creation and appreciation. The section represents clinical industry and academic professionals and is committed to the advancements of critical care medicine by fostering collaboration to facilitate clinical trials, and outcome studies, communication and education.

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Internal Medicine Section  

The Internal Medicine Section of the Society of Critical Care Medicine provides a forum for discussion and action on issues of importance to internal medicine intensivists.

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In-Training Section  

The In-Training Section is one of the youngest branches of the Society of Critical Care Medicine. The section was established in August 2010 by a small group of dedicated individuals. The Section aims to further develop and foster trainees and young faculty in their transition process from students to professional practice.

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Neuroscience Section  

The Neuroscience Section provides members with the opportunity to network with critical care colleagues, influence the neuroscience profession, and strengthen leadership skills.

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Nursing Section  

The Nursing Section of the Society of Critical Care Medicine is a vibrant and active specialty section composed of nurses and other healthcare professionals from diverse clinical, administrative, educational, and research roles in the field of critical care.

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Osteopathy Section  

The goal of the Osteopathic Section of the Society of Critical Care Medicine is to support research and educate the Society on matters pertaining to osteopathic medicine and the practice of multiprofessional critical care medicine.

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Pediatrics Section  

The Pediatrics Section exists to foster the care of critically ill or injured children and to ensure that these patients and their healthcare providers have a voice within the Society.

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Physician Assistant Section  

The Physician Assistant Section aims to provide a common link between PAs who practice and are deeply committed to critical care medicine, further education and foster the interdisciplinary practice of critical care medicine by PAs, and advise the Society on matters pertaining to PAs and the practice of multiprofessional critical care medicine.

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Research Section  

The Research Section promotes and supports a multiprofessional model of basic, translational and clinical research to ensure optimal outcomes for all critically ill patients. Its mission is to support research development of Society members, and promote communication among Society members regarding research, research opportunities and networks.

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Respiratory Care Section  

Members of the Respiratory Care Section are professionals who are committed to providing specialized respiratory critical care. All members of the healthcare team are welcome to join and contribute to the development and organization of the section. Members of our section provide expertise in airway management, mechanical ventilation, physiologic monitoring, disease management, critical illness and injury of the pulmonary system, and all other aspects of the advanced care of critically ill patients.

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Surgery Section  

The Surgery Section, the second largest in the Society, continues to gain strength and be an active and integral part of SCCM. The section is composed of surgeons who focus on the comprehensive evaluation and management of patients with critical surgical illnesses.

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Telecritical Care Medicine Section  

The Telecritical Care Medicine Section promotes discussion, collaboration, and networking with SCCM members who have an interest in telecritical care.

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Uniformed Services Section  

The Uniformed Services Section represents the five branches of the United States military within the field of critical care medicine.

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