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  • 1.  Family Meeting Billing

    Posted 12-19-2022 12:22
    I am seeking guidance on how to capture revenue for time spent leading and participating in family meetings. Our billing office says that this is already captured under 91. The common scenario is that we discuss plan of care and provide an update to those family members who are present for rounds. Later in the day, additional family members show up and we spend another hour conducting a formal family meeting. Is there a way to bill for this time?

    Thank you.
    Lori Cox

  • 2.  RE: Family Meeting Billing

    Posted 12-20-2022 17:00
    Dear Lori,

    Thanks for your question.Just a routine update is not a part of 99291 and one cannot bil for it seperately.Family meetings to ascertain additional patient information and address management plans can be included in 99291/92.

    Piyush Mathur