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Learner Bowl & Abstracts Carolinas/Virginias SCCM Symposium - June 2024

  • 1.  Learner Bowl & Abstracts Carolinas/Virginias SCCM Symposium - June 2024

    Posted 02-27-2024 10:02

    The following information was sent with the list of program directors across Carolinas/Virginias that we have on file. Sharing here as well in case there are any programs missed, and including information for abstract submission as well.

    We are looking forward to the 42nd Annual Carolinas/Virginias SCCM Scientific Symposium this June at the Hilton Myrtle Beach (Myrtle Beach, SC), and hope that you and your trainees will join us! The pre-conference pharmacology course will be held June 13 beginning at 1pm, and the symposium will take place the following day, June 14. Expect to see the finalized brochure emailed to you within the coming 1-2 weeks. New this year, we are excited to host a Carolinas/Virginias SCCM Learner Bowl. We hope that you will consider sending a team to compete from your institution. Individual trainees may also sign up, and we will create teams for those individuals. Details for the learner bowl and abstract submission are below. While the Learner Bowl is geared towards trainees, abstract submissions may come from trainees or non-trainee members. Submissions for abstracts and participation in the Learner Bowl are due by May 15th, 2024.

    Learner Bowl Information/Criteria:

    The Learner Bowl will feature trivia-style questions. It will occur on 6/14/24 as a part of the 42nd Annual CVCSCCM Scientific Symposium, in the afternoon. Winners will be recognized during the Awards & Closing and hold on to bragging rights across our region for the coming year!

    1. To be allowed to compete, participants must all be:
      1. Completing training for a healthcare degree (student) or post-graduate training (resident/fellow) in the critical care setting
      2. Affiliated with an institution located within North Carolina, South Carolina, West Virginia, or Virginia
      3. Registered to attend the Carolinas/Virginias SCCM Scientific Symposium
    2. Teams:
      1. Will consist of 2-4 participants each
      2. May be multidisciplinary (but not required)
      3. May be comprised of participants all from the same institution, or who signed up as individuals (will be paired and notified by members of the Education Committee)
      4. Multiple teams from a single institution are allowed
    3. When signing up, please be sure to designate:
      1. Your credentials/degree, and program/institution
      2. Whether you are signing up as an individual or an entire team from your institution

    Please use the following link to sign up to participate in the inaugural Carolinas/Virginias SCCM Learner Bowl:

    Abstract Submission Information:

    Any new or previously presented material is acceptable. Abstracts will be considered for platform or research snapshot presentation and may be presented by any discipline of critical care. Abstract may report one of the following:

    1. An original study
    2. Quality assurance/Performance improvement (e.g., protocol or procedure evaluation, etc.)
    3. Case study
    4. Systematic comprehensive literature review

    Original study abstracts must include the following:

    1. Background, purpose, or hypothesis
    2. Description of research methodology
    3. Results with appropriate statistical data
    4. Summary of conclusions

    Quality assurance/Performance improvement abstracts must include the following:

    1. Background and identification of the quality assurance/performance improvement project
    2. Methods with sufficient detail to evaluate the quality assurance/performance improvement project
    3. Results
    4. Summary of author's practical experience
    5. Conclusions

    Case Report abstracts must include the following:

    1. Introduction including background information
    2. Description of the case and review of the literature
    3. Conclusions and outcomes of the case report
    4. References should be provided that reflect review of current literature

    A Systematic Comprehensive Literature Review must report educational value. The abstract should include the following:

    1. Introduction including background information
    2. Summary of the comprehensive literature review
    3. Conclusions should reflect results of current literature review
    4. References should be provided that reflect a review of current literature

    Platform presentations: The top five overall scoring abstracts will be selected for platform presentations. Five platform presentations will be presented consecutively during the Scientific Symposium. The top two scoring platform presentations will be given a monetary award. Each presentation is limited to 7 minutes followed by 1 minute of questions (8 minutes total).

    Research snapshot presentations: Abstracts will be presented by the authors during the Scientific Symposium as research snapshots. Each presentation is limited to 4 minutes followed by 1 minute of questions (5 minutes total). Awards will be given to the top two clinical research snapshot presentations AND top two quality assurance/performance improvement presentations.

    Abstract Submission Format:

    1. Submitting author must state preferences of one of the following:
      1. Platform only
      2. Snapshot only
      3. Platform or snapshot
    2. Abstracts should be no longer than 400 words and may include tables and figures
    3. All material should be displayed in Arial, 10-font
    4. The title should be displayed in upper case letters
    5. All submissions should also be checked for spelling, grammar, facts, and clarity of language
    6. Information to be included should consist of the following: Title, Author's Name and Credentials, Institution, Institution Location

    The submitting author/presenter should include their contact information for further correspondence. The abstract submission must be made via email to Notification of receipt of abstract submission will be sent to the submitting author within five to seven business days after the submission. All abstracts will be reviewed after the submission deadline of May 15th, 2024.

    Feel free to reach out with any questions!

    Jenna Cox PharmD
    Cardiology Critical Care Clinical Pharmacist
    Prisma Health Richland
    Columbia SC