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Global Outreach KEG Call 04/06 @ 11:00 AM CT Agenda

  • 1.  Global Outreach KEG Call 04/06 @ 11:00 AM CT Agenda

    Posted 03-09-2023 08:16

    Hello Global Outreach KEG members!

    Below please find the agenda for our next call that will be held on April 6 at 11:00AM CT. The Zoom meeting information has been posted in a separate post. 

    1.       Welcome

    2.       Presentation by Dr. Michael Canarie

    3.       Updates of 2023 strategic planning

    a.       Strategic planning for this year

                                                                   i.      Creating a repository of all SCCM members doing global outreach work

    1.       Strengthen the community of global outreach members

    2.       Pipeline to engage new providers with interest in global outreach

                                                                 ii.      Launching of the SCCM Global Outreach Critical Care Collaboration Rounds (timeline pending)

    1.       Measurable Outcomes: knowledge, practice change, quality improvement

                                                               iii.      Research initiatives/partnership

    4.       Global Outreach Keg

    a.       Future infrastructure

    b.       Next meetings: July (27th), and October (26th)

    Claudia Drath
    Components Specialist
    Mount Prospect IL