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  • 1.  ABPM CI Board Certification

    Posted 07-10-2023 21:21

    Good evening Informaticists,

    Critical care operations are becoming increasingly data-driven with Institutional policy development now requiring advanced data sciences knowledge. As I build my career and nascent ICU program, I'm increasingly interested in learning more about how to locally bridge Critical Care Operations with Data Sciences. If there are any dual Board Certified Physician Intensivists/Informaticists in this KEG, I'd love to connect to learn more about your role in your specific Institutions as well as your certification experience, either through CI fellowship or the practice pathway. Please feel free to connect with me here or email me at If there's reasonable interest within this KEG, I'd be glad to help us connect with fellow practicing Intensivists/Informaticists or even connect us with AMIA's ICU Working Group. 


    Lokesh Dayal, MD

    Lokesh Dayal
    Central Michigan University School of Medicine
    Saginaw MI

  • 2.  RE: ABPM CI Board Certification

    Posted 07-25-2023 09:42


    Agreed - it's a pleasure to meet you! I'm dual boarded via the practice pathway. My current role involves informatics research using EHR data for decision support and discovery.

    As per AMIA's ICU working group - I vaguely remember talking to Yasir Tarabichi (MetroHealth) at ATS, where he shared similar concerns. There are many who pursue/support informatics here at SCCM (e.g., Andre Holder, Matt Churpek, Tim Buchman, Gilles Clermont, Robert Stevens, Soojin Park, Eric Rosenthal, Leo Celi, etc.), and this (along with the nascent data science section) and the Discovery research are great avenues to explore. Of these, I don't know who are all dual boarded. 


    Ian Wong

    A. Ian Wong

    Duke University

    An-Kwok Wong
    Critical Care Specialist and Pulmonologist
    Duke University Medical Center
    Durham NC