Member Spotlight: Neha S. Dangayach

By Kara Mercer posted 08-16-2021 20:50


Neha S. Dangayach, MD, MSCR, is a physician at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York. A member since 2012, she has served on the Membership and Social Media committees. In 2020, she was appointed as chair of the Social Media Committee. Her interests include patient and family care, research, and neurology. She shared her perspectives on critical care, SCCM, and her passion for medicine.


How did you become involved in social media?

My first foray into tweeting was the at the 46th Critical Care Congress (#CCC46). Seeing my name on the Top 10 Influencers board was exciting! I reached out via Twitter direct message to social media guru Christopher L. Carroll, MD, MS, FCCM, and he helped me get involved in the Social Media Committee. I am so grateful for all the fantastic mentorship, sponsorship, research collaborations, and sense of community that has come with being a part of this special committee. What started with a Twitter direct message has now become a lifelong mission to leverage social media globally to share knowledge, establishing research collaborations, and spreading joy in medicine.


Why do you love being in critical care?

I love how critical care brings out the best in everyone. It unites us in a noble mission and gives us the ability to make every interaction therapeutic. It makes us feel like we are part of something bigger than ourselves. I love how critical care challenges me to bring my best self to work every day.


What do you love about SCCM membership?

SCCM has become one of my professional homes. I have found inspiring mentorship, friends, and collaborators through SCCM. When I got involved in 2016, I was selected to become a part of the Membership Committee. I was thrilled. I loved the diversity and the members’ multidisciplinary backgrounds. I quickly realized that SCCM is one of the world's largest organizations for everyone who loves critical care.

Connect with @Neha Dangayach on SCCM Connect or on Twitter at @drdangayach